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  Country Honey Mustard Dip
  Cream Cheese & Garlic Dip With Pita Toasts
  Cream Cheese Chip Dip
  Cream Cheese Dijon Dip
  Cream Cheese Dip
  Cream Cheese-Deviled Ham Dip
  Cream Herb Dip
  Cream Pepper Dip
  Creamy Caramel Dip
  Creamy Chile Dip
  Creamy Horseradish Dip No1
  Creamy Horseradish Dip No2
  Creamy Pepper Dip
  Creamy Tarragon Dip
  Crunchy Cheese Dip
  Cucumber & Yogurt Dip
  Cucumber Dill Dip
  Cucumber Dill Dip No1
  Cucumber Dill Dip No2
  Cucumber Dip With Pita Crisps
  Cumcumber Dill Dip
  Curried Vegetable Dip
  Curry Dip No1
  Curry Dip No2
  Dallas Dip (Mexican Cheese Dip)
  Delicious Dip
  Dijon Drambuie Dip
  Dijon Tofu Dip
  Dill Dip
  Dill Dip By Rob
  Dill Dip In Rye Bread
  Dill Vegie Dip
  Dilly Dip
  Dip In Sour Dough
  Dip Showmanship
  Dipped Spam Swiss Sandwiches
  Dippy Snacks
  Dips Info (1 Of 9)
  Dips Info (2 Of 9)
  Dips Info (3 Of 9)
  Dips Info (4 Of 9)
  Dips Info (5 Of 9)
  Dips Info (6 Of 9)
  Dips Info (7 Of 9)
  Dips Info (8 Of 9)
  Dips Info (9 Of 9)
  Dubliner Dip With Rustic Vegetables
  Edie's Dilly Dip
  Famous Chain Hamburger Fry Sauce
  Fantastic Feta Dip
  Festive Herb Dip
  Festive Roasted Pepper Dip
  Fiesta Dip
  Fife & Drum Dip
  Fresh Fruit Dip
  Fritto Misto
  Fruit Dip 2
  Fruit Dip No1
  Garden Vegetable Dip
  Gary's Clam Dip
  Ginger Dip
  Ginger Marmalade (Irish)
  Good Neighbor Hummus


Dip Recipes Index from Recipes 4U

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Food Tips of the Week

Advice on losing weight

Make sure that you drink enough fluids. Sometimes at some stage in a hectic work day, you feel you need food when in truth you may need a refreshing glass of water or cranberry juice. The feelings of hunger and thirst are somewhat similar, but one of them ends in weight increase and the other one leads to no damage.
Some lower carbohydrate diet guidlines:
* Eat regular meals Most low carbohydrate recipes are, rather obviously, low in carbs. Your body requires energy, and carbs are a rapid acting source of energy. A low carb diet needs more care in monitoring you energy intake, as the energy provided by non-carbohydrate sources is far slower to act.

Foods rich in lycopene
(includes grapefruit, red bell peppers and sweet gourd)

The phytochemical lycopene is a non-synthetic chemical compound and part of the carotenid family of phytochemicals. This chemical is responsible for the vivid red colour of a good number of food types.

Intrestingly, unlike numerous healthy agents, it is not damaged if it is cooked, but is really increased in efficacy by being cooked.

. Its most valuable value is that it serves as an antioxidant and appears to help to lower the chances of developing cancer.

This useful phytochemical is the most efficacious fighter of singlet oxygen, which is correlated with skin aging. It's also thought by many experts to block the development of atherosclerosis.




These Dip recipes are collected from our own collection and open source collections. Of course, as there are more than 50,000 recipes in our cookbook it is not possible to prepare and test every single recipe, so please exercise caution and plan carefully. If you spot any mistakes, let us know.


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