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Dips Info (2 Of 9) Recipe another great recipe from Recipes 4U


Dips Info (2 Of 9) Recipe

Recipe Ingredients

1 dips dictionary follows in t
1 (this is part 2 of 9)

Recipe Preparation

Ingredients follow:
Think of your base as a blank canvas on which you are not about to
create a gastronomical masterpiece. The next step in its
preparation is the preparation of the various ingredients that will
give life to the dip.
The aroma of fresh herbs and the difference they can make in the
appearance of your dip say much in their favor. With some herbs,
such as Basil, using the fresh variety will actually tint the base
of the dip. It is recommended that you use fresh herbs when the
primary ingredient is an herb. Remember to finely chop all of the
fresh herbs before adding them to the dip mixture.
Always use fresh veggies in your dip unless the recipe specifies
otherwise. Most of the recipes call for raw vegetables, which add a
lively crunch to the mixture. In the few dips, where roasting or
baking are a part of the preparation, just follow the step by step
The use of canned seafood in the dip recipes is recommended as it is
more convenient and in the case of ingredients such as smoked
oysters or sardines, this is the only form that they are readily
available in. Always be sure to rinse the seafood, (fresh or
canned) thoroughly in a strainer under cold running water before
adding to the dip.
For the shrimp dips, buy the tiniest baby shrimp you can find. If
you use the larger shrimp, dice them coarsely before combining with
the other ingredients.
When using Crabmeat, flake it with a fork after draining and pick
out any filaments that may remain.
Canned TUNA should be purchased packed in water so as not to add
more oil to the dip. With canned seafood that usually comes packed
in oil, such as oysters and anchovies, thoroughly drain off the oil.
Sardines and salmon, even out of the can may contain bits of skin
and bone that must be carefully removed.
For CAVIAR dips, buy the cheapest caviar available. This is not to
deny the merits of fine caviar. But the cheaper varieties hold
their flavor and shape better when blended with the other
Dips are not only fun, they're easy to make as well. In most cases,
the only equipment you really need, other than a mixing bowl, a
sturdy spoon, a chopping knife and a strainer when draining and
rinsing are called for, is a strong arm!
Nonetheless, the high-tech gadgetry in your kitchen will make life
easier and faster--thus conserving the vital arm muscles for the
vital part of dipping.
A food processor is great. by following the manufacturer's
direction for your particular model, you can use your food processor
for finely dicing solid dip ingredients or chopping fresh herbs,
pureeing vegetables or beans, creaming cottage cheese or cream
cheese, and, with the proper disc, shredding block cheese.
A blender can also be used to puree beans, chop herbs, cream the
cottage cheese and with the addition of a little liquid from the
recipe, cream cheese. An electric mixer can simplify the task of
creaming cottage or cream cheeses.



Servings: 1




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Food Tips of the Week

A few tips on healthy eating

If your aim is to lose weight and also enhance your all round well-being, among other things you really should follow a thoughtfully planned healthy-minded dietary regime. In a perfect world, this ought to include five helpings of grains and vegetables every day and take in the right proportion of nutrients.
The case against reduced carbohydrate diets
Its all the rage, but it is truly safe and healthy for you?
Eliminating carbs may mean missing out on required nutrients from healthy carbohydrate foods which must be part of any well adjusted diet, particularly those provied by vegetables, fruits and grains.
Eating more animal-based products may lead into increased consumption of saturated fat and cholesterol, which many authorities believe will increase the risk of coronary problems.
Brassicas, Superfoods that also help with your Weight loss
(eg. Cauliflower, Broccoli, Collard greens and Rutabaga)
Members of the brassica family are full of vitamins (eg.vitamin c), minerals (eg. potassium and selenium), fibre, chlorophyll and antioxidents.

In addition to their many other health benefits, the minerals and nutrients in these are believed to reduce the risk of cancer.

Dips Info (2 Of 9) Recipe from Recipes 4U

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Dips Info (2 Of 9) Recipe

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