Chicken Kaleidoscope Recipe

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Chicken Kaleidoscope Recipe from the Recipes 4U Collection


Chicken Kaleidoscope Recipe

Recipe Ingredients

12 chicken breasts, skin, bone
2 can pineapple chunks w/juice*
1 drain, save juice, 20oz ea
1/2 cup lime juice
1 large green bell pepper slices
1 large red bell pepper slices
1 large yellow bell pepper slices
1 vidalia onion, slice
1 lb whole mushrooms, trim stem
1 ends
1 6 oz can pitted sm black oli
1 drain well
1/2 lb fresh snow peas, trim ends
2 oz butter, shave
1 salt
1 14 oz box natural instant br
1 rice

Recipe Preparation

*You will need pineapple chunks from only 1 can for this recipe.
Freeze excess pineapple in an ice cube tray covered with orange
juice. Use cubes in glasses of iced tea. Line bottom of slow cooker
set on HIGH with chicken. Add pineapple juice and lime juice; cook
for 4 to 6 hours or until tender, but not falling apart. When chicken
is tender, layer mushrooms, pepper slices, 1 can pineapple, onion
slices, olives and snow peas in slow cooker in order given. Top with
Cook for 1-1-1/2 hours more, or until veggies are tender, but not
mushy. Remove chicken and veggies from broth; set aside on a warmed
utility platter, covered, in a 200~ oven to keep hot. Broth should
measure approximately 1 quart; add salt and brown rice.
Following package directions, cover and cook on HIGH until done.
When rice is cooked, place in center of large, warmed presentation
platter. Scoop veggies over top and arrange chicken around perimeter,
letting veggies spill over them. Source: Recipe Digest.



Servings: 8




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Food Tips of the Week

A few tips on healthy eating

In planning a diet, the important thing is to also endeavour to restrict your ingestion of refined carbohydrates, salt and fats.
Some lower carbohydrate diet pointers:
* Replace sugar with splenda. Recipes that call for sugar can be changed to make use of a sugar substitute like splenda. It has a different density so you will need to expirement with it and it might not be perfect for every dish, but it does a decent job most of the time.

* Use reduced carb chocolate for chocolate cookies and muffins. If you have taken the time to convert your tasty chocolate cookie or muffins recipe using soya flour, you really shouldn't mix in those high carb sugar-rich chocolate. Chop up a reduced carbohydrate chocolate bar into tiny pieces and use that as an alternative.

Lycopene superfoods
(includes watermelon, red bell peppers and rosehip)

The chemical lypcopene is a non-synthetic coloring agent and part of the same family of phytochemicals as carotene. This chemical is the reason for the deep red color of many fruit, vegetables and pulses.

Intrestingly, unlike many other healthy agents, lycopene is not damaged during the cooking process, but is actually strengthened by going through the cooking process.

. Lycoprene's key value is that it is an antioxidant and is believed to help to lower the probabilty of cancer.

This useful phytochemical is the most effective quencher of singlet oxygen, which is correlated with aging of the skin. It is also thought by nutritionalists to slow down the development of atherosclerosis.

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Chicken Kaleidoscope Recipe

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