Blueberries With Orange Liqueur & Lavender Recipe

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Blueberries With Orange Liqueur & Lavender Recipe : Recipes 4U


Blueberries With Orange Liqueur & Lavender Recipe

Recipe Ingredients

1 cup orange flavoured liqueur
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
1 1/2 lb fresh blueberries
20 fresh lavender flower heads

Recipe Preparation

Prepare jars, lids and boiling water bath. Combine the liqueur, water
and sugar in a pan and cook over med-high heat, stirring frequently,
until sugar is dissolved and mixture has coem to boil. Remove from

Pick over, wash and dry blueberries, then pack them in hot dry jars,
placing 4 lavender flower heads in each jar. Leave 1/2 inch
headspace. Pour hot liquid into jars, just covering berries. Wipe
rims with clean towel and attach lids securely.

Place jars in boiling water bath, and when water returns to full boil,
process for 15 mins.



Servings: 5




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Blueberries With Orange Liqueur & Lavender Recipe

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