Barbeque Pork (Family) Recipe

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Barbeque Pork (Family) Recipe : Recipes 4U


Barbeque Pork (Family) Recipe

Recipe Ingredients

4 lb pork butt or shoulder roast, lean, boneless
2 large spanish onions, (sweet)
1 large bottle kraft honey bbq sauce or kc, masterpiece bbq sau
1 cup ginger ale (or coke)
4 package sandwich buns (8 per pkg.)

Recipe Preparation

Cut onions in half lengthwise, slice in 1/4" slices, halve the
slices and separate into rings. Trim all possible fat from roast and
sprinkle with garlic salt and seasoned pepper. Place half the onions
in crockpot, put in roast and top with rest of onions. Pour 1 cup of
soda over all, cover and cook on LOW for 10 to 12 hours, or overnight
until pork can be easily shredded with two forks.
Remove pork from pot, shred in a bowl, removing all possible fat.
Remove onions with slotted spoon and add to bowl. Discard juice in
pot. Return onions and pork to pot, add BBQ sauce to all and mix.
Continue to cook on LOW for 5 to 6 hours, adding more BBQ sauce as
needed. Serve as sandwiches in buns. (I use Pepperidge Fram Sandwich
Leftovers may be cooled, made into sandwiches, wrapped in heavy
plastic wrap and frozen individually for later use. (I store them in
the sandwich roll bags, 8 to a bag, sealed with the tab that came
with the bag). They keep well and may be unwrapped, rewrapped in
paper towels and heated in a microwave at 50% for a few minutes.
NOTE: Idea from Laurie Robinson (SNMJ29D) 01/14/93: "I made up a
batch of BBQ pork but did not have enough rolls to freeze it with. I
put globs of it on cookie sheets and froze them for a day. Then I put
the globs into zip lock baggies and popped them in the freezer. I
have used a glob on a baked potato for lunch (terrific), and sent
some to work with my hubby with fresh rolls for the microwave. These
globs take very little space in the freezer and are very convenient
for use." Wonderful idea!



Servings: 32




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Foods containing allyl sulfides also have a low calorie count, so you should add them to your diet system.

Barbeque Pork (Family) Recipe Collection from Recipes 4U

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Barbeque Pork (Family) Recipe

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