Antipasto #1 Recipe

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Antipasto #1 Recipe another great recipe from Recipes 4U


Antipasto #1 Recipe

Recipe Ingredients

1 iceberg lettuce
1 can (large) italian tuna,*
1 small jar roasted red -
1 small jar green vinegar -
1 peppers,**
1 peppers
1 tomatoes, cut in wedges
1 pitted black olives
1 green olives w/pimento
1 provolone cheese,***
1 imported ham****
1 genoa salami****
1 mortadella****
1 pepperoni (large slices)****

Recipe Preparation

*packed in olive oil
**packed in vinegar and oil
***sliced, slices cut in half
****Sliced Italian cold cuts, rolled lengthwise
On platter, arrange lettuce, leaving a hole in the middle large
enough to hold the can of tuna. Drain oil from the can over the
lettuce, then place tuna in the middle of platter.
Divide platter into sections, placing 1/2 slice of cheese in each
section. On top of cheese, place 1 rolled slice of each type of meat.
Drain liquid from red pepper jar over all, then randomly place
peppers, olives, and tomatoes around the platter. Salt and pepper to
taste, then pour more olive oil over all.
Eat heartily, accompanied by much loud Italian conversation. In fact,
I typed this accompanied by much loud Italian conversation. My
parents were here, and both were shouting instructions over my
shoulder. They disagreed about the arrangement of the lettuce - my
mother said that the hole in the middle of the platter was necessary;
my father insisted that it wasn't, saying you can just dump the tuna
on top of the lettuce. I finally had to give up on this reply until
they went home. So now, in the peace and quiet of the aftermath, I've
finished it. Hope you had a wonderful holiday.



Servings: 4




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Antipasto #1 Recipe

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