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  Aromatic Lamb
  Art's Mock Crabmeat Casserole
  Arturo's Sedco Hills Hog
  Asado Con Pimienta Negra (Roast Beef & Blac
  Asian Beef & Noodles
  Asian Beef Kabobs
  Asian Hot-Que Grill Sauce For Chicken Beef O
  Asian Steak & Asparagus Noodle Salad
  Asparagas Ham Quiche
  Asparagus & Beef With Black Beans
  Asparagus & Crab Meat Soup (Mang Tay Nau Cua)
  Asparagus & Crabmeat Salad
  Asparagus Beef Beijing
  Asparagus With Bacon
  Asparagus With Black Bean Beef
  Asparagus With Hot Bacon Dressing
  Asparagus With Roasted Red Peppers
  Asparagus-Ham Casserole
  Aunt Elsie's Hot Dog Bar B Que Sauce
  Aunt Marg's Pressed Beef
  Aunt Sadie's Brisket Of Beef
  Aunt Sadie's Brisket Of Beef *** (Hgps48a)
  Aunt Sadie's Fabulous Chopped Liver Pineappl
  Aush ( Noodles With Pulses Meat & Yoghurt)
  Aussie Meatloaf
  Australian Meat Pie
  Australian Pork With Port & Coffee Sauce
  Austrian Liver Dumplings
  Authentic Carolina Pork Barbeque
  Authentic Greek Lamb
  Authentic Southern Style Barbecued Ribs (Secr
  Authentic Sweet & Sour Pork
  Authentic Sweet-And-Sour Pork
  Avocado Crabmeat Salad
  Avocado Filled With Crabmeat
  Ba Mee Nam (Egg Noodles & Pork Soup)
  Baba Gannouj (Hamilton)
  Babi Kecap I (Pork Cooked In Soya Sauce)
  Babi Ketjap (Pork In Soy Sauce)
  Babi Ketjap (Soy Pork)
  Babi Pangang (Indonesian Grilled Pork)
  Baby Back Ribs
  Baby Back Ribs With Mustard Sauce
  Baby Goat Simmered With Almonds & Saffron
  Baby Routh's Rosemary Muffins With Goat Chees
  Back Country Ham Slice For 6
  Bacon - Onion Appetizers
  Bacon & Baked Bean Sandwich
  Bacon & Bean Soup
  Bacon & Cheese Dressing
  Bacon & Cheese Eggs
  Bacon & Cheese Macaroni Bake
  Bacon & Cheese Sourdough Muffins
  Bacon & Cheese Waffles
  Bacon & Chive White Sauce
  Bacon & Double Cheese Quiche
  Bacon & Egg Casserole
  Bacon & Onion Batter Bread - Garett Lemon
  Bacon & Onion Muffins
  Bacon & Oysters
  Bacon & Pepper Sauce
  Bacon & Smoked Oysters
  Bacon & Water Chestnut Tidbits
  Bacon Artichoke Bundles
  Bacon Avocado & Cheese Omelets With Tomat
  Bacon Avocado & Cheese Omelets With Tomato Sa
  Bacon Bits & Cheddar Cheese Chicken
  Bacon Bread
  Bacon Cawl With Three Sauces
  Bacon Cheddar Muffins
  Bacon Cheese Ball
  Bacon Cheese Bread
  Bacon Cheese Muffins
  Bacon Cheese Quiche
  Bacon Drop Biscuits+++fggt98b
  Bacon Horseradish Dip
  Bacon Lettuce Turkey Log
  Bacon 'n Cheddar Beer Soup
  Bacon Omelet
  Bacon Onion Pie
  Bacon Pie
  Bacon Roll-Ups
  Bacon Sandwichs * Six Recipes
  Bacon Soup - Cawl Cig Moch
  Bacon Stix
  Bacon Stuffed Cornish Game Hens (Microwave)
  Bacon-Broiled Scallops
  Bacon-Cheese Dip
  Bacon-Flavored Dip Mix
  Bacon-Olive Hot Appetizer
  Bacon-Topped Cheese Soup
  Bacon-Wrapped Little Loaves
  Bacon-Wrapped Mushrooms
  Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp
  Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Burgers
  Bad Attitude Barbeque Sauce
  Baeckaoffa (Alsatian Pork Lamb & Beef)
  Bahama Bread
  Bahama Bread *** (Tmbg12a)
  Bahama Breeze
  Bahama Fried Fish *
  Bahama Mama
  Bahamian Lamb
  Bak Ku Teh (Pork Rib Tea Soup)
  Baked Barbecued Pork Buns (Cha Sui Bao)
  Baked Beans With Ground Beef Topping
  Baked Beef
  Baked Brisket Of Beef
  Baked Buffalo Wings
  Baked Burgundy Beef
  Baked Chicken A La Joe Dogs
  Baked Chicken Livers
  Baked Country Ham
  Baked Crabmeat & Avocado
  Baked Cranberry Pork Chops
  Baked Dove With Bacon
  Baked Ducks In Sweet & Sour Sauce
  Baked Eggs With Crabmeat
  Baked Fish Steaks (Nz)
  Baked Flank Steak (Lf)
  Baked Fresh Ham
  Baked Fresh Salmon Steak
  Baked Glazed Ham
  Baked Goat Cheese With Garden Salad
  Baked Goat's Cheese Log With Prawns & Basil
  Baked Graham-Cracker Crumb Crust (8)
  Baked Graham-Cracker Crumb Crust (9)
  Baked Grouper Chambord
  Baked Ham
  Baked Ham - Swiss - Cheddar In Phyllo
  Baked Ham 2
  Baked Ham In Champagne
  Baked Ham Slice In Sauterne


Meat Recipes from the Recipes-4U Cookbook

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Food Tips of the Week

Dieting made easy

When deciding on a weight loss program, it is essential to try to restrict your intake of salt, fat and refined carbohydrate.
Some reduced carb diet tips:
* Know what is in your food Don't believe food packaging that claims to be 'low carb' - check the nutritional information figures on the back of the can or packet. A good number of are only marginally reduced and in some instances still greater than a competitors normal brand. In addition, beware of 'low sugar' and 'low fat' labels - 'low sugar' doesn't always mean 'low carb' - often the carbs are exactly the same.

Healthy foods with carotenes
(includes parsley, kale and tomato puree)
These plants are rich in the carotenoids believed to play a role in helping prevent cancer, spefically cancer of the lungs. The majority of these also have a low calorie count, so should be a part of every diet.




These Meat recipes are collected from submissions from our readers and public domain sources. Of course, as there are over 50,000 recipes in our cookbook it is impossible to prepare and eat every recipe on our web site, so please take care, and double check everything and plan carefully. If you spot any thing that looks wrong, please let us know.


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