About Yeast Breads - Baking Tips Recipe

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About Yeast Breads - Baking Tips Recipe from the Recipes 4U Cookbook


About Yeast Breads - Baking Tips Recipe

Recipe Ingredients

1 see below

Recipe Preparation

Use loaf pans of anodized aluminum, darkened metal glass for bread
with well-browned crusts.

Shiny cookie sheets or muffin cups produce sweet rolls u tender,
golden brown crusts.

Stagger loaf pans on a lower shelf of the oven so they do not touch
sides of the oven or each other.

The top of each pan should be level with, or slightly above, the
middle of the oven.

If baking round loaves on a cookie sheet, place the sheet on the
center rack.

Doneness is determined by tapping the crust. The loaf will have a
hollow sound when done.

Remove loaves from pans immediately and place on wire racks away from
draft. to cool.

For a shiny, soft crust, brush just-baked loaf with margarine, butter
or shortening.

STORING Bread and rolls can be stored in airtight containers in a
cool dry place for 5 to 7 days. Refrigerate only in hot, humid
weather. Breads can be stored, tightly wrapped in moistureproof or
vaporproof material, labeled and dated, in the freezer for 2 to 3
months. To thaw, let stand wrapped at room temperature for 2 to 3

Source: Betty Crocker's Cookbook, 6th Edition



Servings: 1




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About Yeast Breads - Baking Tips Recipe Index

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About Yeast Breads - Baking Tips Recipe

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